Friday, April 13, 2012


What?!  I haven't posted in over two months?  A travesty!  Nay, a catastrophe!

Actually, the mousepad on my computer broke.  Guess what else I broke?  The FOURTH WALL.  Now you all know that my super graphic GCI stick figure genius was born from wiping my finger all over the mousepad thingie on my macbook. I know your minds are being blown right now and for that I kind of apologize.

Yes.  The secret to my success has been a free application pre-installed on my compooper and my mousepad.  There you have it.  I miss those days of uninhibited freedom to CREATE, you know?  But I consider this a challenge and a triumph of the spirit!

I will correct this, all you 17 people who read my nonsense.  Oh yes.  I will.

Meanwhile, this is what I can do:

I submit that this is THE BEST stick-figure drawring (tm Simon) of a plucky skeleton just making his way in the big city by doing the robot to "Rapper's Delight" for tips, drawn with a curiously purloined ghetto mouse (thanks my benevolent friend!) you will see all day.

If that doesn't cheer you up, this will.

See you soon, and more often, my friends! 



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